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    EDUMAN enters the commercial market.

    We unveiled the initial iteration of EDUMAN, marking a significant milestone as the first-ever web-based Learning Management System (LMS) available. This version incorporated fundamental features such as curriculum management, timetable coordination, assessments, reporting, and admissions functionality.

    Smart School and Al Hamdian, our inaugural partner schools, were pivotal in the developmental phase of our fledgling system, contributing invaluable insights and feedback.

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    Cloud Hosting Launched

    Inspired by the software's capabilities and the positive feedback from our early users, an increasing number of prestigious schools transitioned to EDUMAN from alternative school management systems.

    We completed development and introduced our cloud hosting service, offering schools the flexibility to either host EDUMAN on their own on-site servers for free or opt for a convenient cloud server solution, simplifying their experience.

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    Linking Parents and Teachers and School together.

    We completed the development of EDUMAN's HR module, aimed at facilitating schools in tracking and managing their entire staff effectively.

    Additionally, we introduced our Parents, Teachers and School Apps, distinguishing us as the pioneering LMS provider to disseminate school-related information directly to parents and students via the internet.

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    EDUMAN goes Global

    EDUMAN expanded its reach to the global stage, with installations in our first international schools, In Bahrain and Oman.

    Additionally, we launched our mobile apps on the Apple Store, providing users with access to our platform on iOS devices.

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    Good Conduct Attracts more Schools

    We welcomed more schools to Eduman's family both Internationally and locally. Alongside this expansion, we introduced new modules including Library Management and Asset Management. These additions facilitated efficient organization and utilization of resources, enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness within the educational environment.

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    EDUMAN launches Eduman LITE

    Eduman LITE offers a cost-effective alternative to the comprehensive features of Eduman. Designed with essential modules, it provides schools with a streamlined solution focusing on core functionalities necessary for efficient management.

Our software was inspired by the frustration teachers in the independent sector experienced with school admin systems. We set out to create something better. And as our product grew in scope and scale, so did we.

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